Surf Coaches

The Wya Surf Crew are all Bronze cross/medallion certified coaches and we are all from Kwis-i-tis. We all teach you how to get up to your feet and will gently build your confidence at our local beaches. We focus on fun, the surf basics and safety.

Start with the beginners lesson and build your confidence as we work on:

  • Wave selection

  • Paddle power

  • Stand up techniques

  • Beach safety and wave etiquette

Already standing and feeling confident? Sign up for an advanced lesson and learn to surf the outside sections! We will teach you how to get out there safely and how to turn that board down the line.

The Wya Surf Crew

Sheldon Touchie

Kwis-i-tis Surfer, laid back and ready to roll. Sheldon is the definition of chill lax and surf. Fully certified and ready to welcome you to
the beach and coach you like a pro. Sheldon puts the Oochie in Touchie.

Tyson Touchie

Tyson is a Kwis-i-tis man with salt water in his blood. He is “the coach” and lays it out so you can play it out! Passionate about teaching the art of
surfing and a local native veteran with plenty (we’re talking plenty here!) of years of surfing knowledge to share. Welcome to Kwis-i-tis.

Tyson Touchie Jr.

The young gun with plenty of passion for the Sea. He is trained and is a certified surf instructor and kayak guide so you and your family are in safe hands with “T2”.

Byron Patrick

Surfing all Winter and Coaching all Summer. Byron has been teaching in his home beach for over five years. Byron has the skill and patience to get you up on your feet.
Welcome to Kwisitis! Byron is from this beach and knows it inside and out.

Josh Burns

Homie lives in the water! When we first met I thought Josh was a local Sea Lion he surfs so much! Josh is so local we just about adopted this guy into the tribe! Josh is a passionate surfer that knows all the beaches inside and out… a real pro.